‘Chasing Castles’ @ Kinsey/Desforges

‘Chasing Castles’ @ Kinsey/Desforges


Greetings and apologies. Its been months since I got off my ass to update this ol blog. And it was all going so well but what can I say, I’ve been hibernating. Mad busy in the studio, I’m getting ready for my next show. It opens in LA on April 18th at Kinsey/Desforges. It’ll be a 2 person show with Chloe so we’re doing 7 pieces each. I’ll be out there for a week or so, it’ll be our first trip to the west coast so I’m super excited and hopefully I’ll get a nice wall painted too. I’ll pop up some images here closer to the time.


Also just out is the Spring issue of Citizen K. Its a lovely fat French fashion and arts magazine and this issue has a special British feature. I’m not British but my work deals with issues of empire and power so my 4 pages are nicely tucked in between interviews with fashion designer Paul Smith   and taxidermy artist Polly Morgan. The interview is written in french so I hope they said something nice about me.

So what other news do I have. Lots of nice things in the pipeline for the rest of the year. Print releases, walls, another trip to my buddies at Studio Cromie in Grottaglie (Angelino, tell those vineyards to start producing extra vino and those gelaterias to go heavy on the nocciola e ciocolato). And of course I’ve also got my 3rd London solo show at Laz coming up before the end of the year and as usual there are plenty of exciting Laz related things on the way.

I also hope to start blogging more regularly about non-me stuff like music and gigs and I don’t know, other stuff. But hey, I am a world champion procrastinator so I’ll probably never get around to any of this but you never know.