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Cy Twombly and Dr. Octagon

19 Mar Cy Twombly and Dr. Octagon



Had a bad day in the studio about a month back. Nothing unusual about that, shit happens. But the best thing about being an artist in London is when you need to run away from your studio there is no shortage of inspiring shows to see. I checked out this new body of work from Cy Twombly at Gagosian Gallery. 5 large canvases dominate the space. Each piece is comprised of 4 panels with 3 roses painted on the first 3 panels while the last panel contains fragments of ‘The Rose’, a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. This show is a meeting of two giants, Twombly, a master of 20th century painting and Rilke, one of the German languages most prominent 20th Centuary poets.

And on to another giant of late 20th Century poetry, albeit in a different form, but on the same floral tip –


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