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Is maith Liom – Big Boi’s new album

09 Jul Is maith Liom – Big Boi’s new album


Been listening to this loads since I got it yesterday. Quality. Absolutely banging.

I first heard Outkast when i got their debut Southerplayalisticadillacmusic shortly after it first came out in 94, it was one of those big albums that had a huge effect on me, as back in those days before downloads and the internet and when pocket money meant I could only get a new tape every few months, you tended to listen to every album like a million times.

Can’t believe its been 16 years (yikes) and after an increasingly inventive and successful career Big Boi is back with an even better album and he’s still only 35. It leans heavily towards an 80s synth-funk sound with saucy Southern guitar licks. Nice.

  • robertphoenix
    Posted at 19:19h, 10 July

    yes, awesome listen, though the artwork is dodgy as hell! check this –

  • james
    Posted at 20:48h, 11 August

    damn, can’t believe this slipped by me. i didn’t even know this was out, now i’ll have to go get it.
    i too bought southerplay…. back in ’94. i got it the day it came out because i kept seeing the “Playas Ball” video on BET and knew that album would be hot.
    you sir, have good taste in music!

  • Rae
    Posted at 09:05h, 13 September

    wow Conor..this is the bomb
    I remember first Outkast LP too, man i was trippin on those tracks they where style visionaries, creatin superdope scenarios.
    Goodie Mob too, I’m sure you remember Cee-lo green rhymes on “Cell therapy”..

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