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Achtung Baby

19 Oct Achtung Baby

Just as the bold and the beautiful of the art glitteratti descended on London for the annual Frieze circus, I took Chloe away to Berlin as a surprise for too nights (what a guy). It was her birthday so she got to follow me around cold and wet Berlin while I took photos of graf.

We stumbled across this fantastic Mac and Kofie collab piece up by Prenzlaur Berg. I’d seen it online when it was done during the summer but nothing beats seeing the real thing especially when you’re not expecting it.

These Blu pieces were down the road from our hotel. East Berlin was made for Blu.

And we also popped in to catch Jaybo‘s new show at Circle Culture.

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  • Jaybo
    Posted at 16:34h, 28 October

    Uh dude what a pitty i missed you in berlin .
    i was an the same days in london tho
    but you made it to my projectroom and the back yard / so cool
    i d love to be there at that time
    shit and shit
    hope you haD fun…
    thanx for passing by to the show

  • ivangrebenshi
    Posted at 05:14h, 10 January

    i want that seat for me)

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