Conor Harrington

18 Jun Early Morning Florentine Glory


Spent a few days in Florence before heading back to London. I’ve wanted to go to Florence for the last gazillion years but I was pretty put off on arrival by the hoards of tourists clogging up every street (totally in denial that I am one of them). Didn’t see a whole lot of art (shame shame shame) as I was there for a wedding but I did think the city was at its best at 6am.










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18 Jun FAME- The Big Wall/Dead Meat



Another black and white biggie this year. I’m not sure how long this will last as we had no permission to paint it. Someone even called the police but Angelino sweet-talked them into allowing us finish, but I guess the fact that it’s on a kiddie school and I painted 2 nude women could be a bit of a problem… (no shit Sherlock)






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