Conor Harrington

01 Jul Venice Beach

I hadn’t got around to posting about the piece I did on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach while we were in LA a few weeks back. It was good fun, really chilled spot, lots of friendly people, decent coffee (a rarity in the States) and tasty food. Not bombed at all, and certainly no graf from what I could see.

And then I spotted this over on The Dirt Floor. I know this happens, usually by some chromed up graf writers and I’ve no problem with it, all part of painting on the streets blah blah blah. I don’t know anything about this guy but his work seems to fall more into the Street Art category than the Graf one so you’d think he might have a little more respect for what I’ve done. I would have preferred if he had just gone right through my piece instead of adding on to the end. The bit he went over was my favourite part, we had to board up those windows so that panel is nice and flat and I could really move the paint around on it.  

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01 Jul Hungry Mother

Been thinking about doing a letter piece for a LONG time, think its been about 9 years since my last one. I’ve been chatting to Mr Word about this for ages too so I finally got it together this morning. My contribution won’t exactly take the graf world by storm but it was a lot of fun without all the stresses of my usual outdoor pieces. 

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28 Jun New Roots


Got the new Roots album today, its been getting great reviews but I find some of it a little bland, unlike some of the grizzlier forces on their last album Rising Down. Anyway, this tune featuring with Joanna Newsom is banging. love it.

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28 Jun Mr Showman

This is another of the pieces I did for Eurotrash. Tis only a small paper piece, weighing in around 60cm x 45cm, may be less, can’t remember. This was part of a lil side project I started earlier in the year but haven’t really continued yet.

I wanted to look at the stiff and stuffy portraits of the Victorian aristocracy and break then down a lil with the more playful graffiti text. The British took Hong Kong under conditions that even they knew were illegal but reconciled their action by the fact that European laws and codes of ethics didn’t apply in Asia as those people were seen as mere savages. I love that word. Its disgusting and arrogant and funny now in the context of Asia’s might (and in the savage actions of the so-called civilized West…Iraq, ahem) Of course the Irish were also considered savages. Many people see graffiti as a savage act too. So in this series of portraits (ok, this is the only one so far) I want to subvert the civilized with a lil bit of the savage.    

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