Conor Harrington

28 Jun Bloods Trilogy – We Come Strapped

Yikes, been ages since I posted (I’m blaming the World Cup). I’m waiting on shots of my canvases to come through from LA so I can get them up here. These are the 3 large(ish) paper pieces I did for Eurotrash.

I’ve always liked the similarity between Wellington’s Redcoats and LA’s badman gang The Bloods. Since the show was in LA, albeit a million miles from gangland I thought I’d put an OG twist on the pieces with gangsta rap titles.  

This is We Come Strapped (Compton’s Most Wanted album) and below are N Gatz We Truss (from South Central Cartel’s 1994 album) and The Booming System, not exactly gangsta but I felt LL Cool J’s title worked well with these boys loading up the canon.

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03 Jun Hair Loss

I was alerted to this bit of advertising via Beard Puncher and The Denver Egotist a few days back and then just tonight i spoke to the guys who helped us secure this wall. Well if its not the the bad-men vandals with their chrome and black its the advertising guys going over my work in NY’s Meatpacking district.

I don’t mind too much, although I’d prefer if it was dogged over by some writers instead of this corporate fuck you. It is a shame as American Crew only got permission to advertise on the wall for 2 weeks, while my piece has been there for almost 2 years.  Anyway, it is kinda funny as last month I just shaved off 11 years of dreadlocks. Hair loss indeed.

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