Conor Harrington

02 Jun Bethlehem – The Wall

I’m back from my Israel/Palestine adventure 2 weeks now, and it already feels like a dream. I’ve been interested in the area for a while so I thought it would make a good trip, and an even better film (Andy is slaving away in the editing suite of Conor HQ as we speak).

My paintings are about power structures and opposing elements (blah blah blah) and we certainly got that taste of difference with painting in both Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital of cool, and Bethlehem, Palestine’s walled-in birthplace of some dude called Jesus.

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01 Jun Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

I painted this small piece on my last day in Palestine. We had visited this refugee camp just North of Bethlehem a couple of days earlier so I thought it would be a good spot to come back and paint. I always like incorporating existing pieces of graffiti into my walls whenever possible, and the chance of working with Arabic script was too good to pass up. I was informed half way though the piece that the blue script immediately above the ship translates as ‘storm’.

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17 May Middle East part 1 – Tel Aviv

I spent a week in the Middle East, painting in both Israel and Palestine. I brought my boy Andy with me to film it all so we’ll have a short lil film coming out at some stage. It was one of those trips where you’ve no idea whats ahead. You can only prepare for so much and remain open to all eventualities. I think I need a holiday.

I gotta say thanks to Know Hope and Zero Cents in Tel Aviv for all their help and hospitality. Thats what I love about this world of ours, you can contact an artist in another country that you’ve never met and they’ll sort you out.

So this is the spot that I painted with Know Hope in Tel Aviv. Fantastic central location.

The view from our rooftop.

And then we climbed in here..

And I painted this.

Zero Cents.


Nothing makes a Corkman feel at home like finding his local drink on the other side of the world.

Local street action..

Andy, my man with the camera.

And a few days later I got stuck in to the security barrier in Bethlehem. I’ll try and get my photos from Palestine up in the next few days.

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