Conor Harrington

04 May Beyond the Street (again)

Patrick dropped off the book this afternoon. Wow, its serious. I mean I knew it would be a serious book but this is a proper monograph, a thorough survey of the scene. Judge for yourself but its hard to think of a book of its kind that will beat this. I would take some photo’s but I’m far too busy for that carry on. Meanwhile a few feet behind me large paintings lie in wait..

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28 Apr I Love – Caribou’s Swim


Spending silly hours in the studio these days so I need lots of coffee and lots of music, although to be honest sometimes its nice to just listen to the radio. Lots of election things discussed, plus I voted this morning for the first time in my life (well done me), I know I can change the world with my ‘x’. Anyway, been enjoying Caribou’s new album. ‘Swim’, I like that title, and theĀ album is full of electronic, psychedelic goodness.

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28 Apr Wallkandy – The Blog

So Ian over at Wallkandy has finally done what he should have been doing for years – set up a blog. He knows this scene inside out so his views and news will be a welcome addition to the blogosphere. Plus, I know his appreciation for a bit of cake so it will be easy for me to bribe him to fill his content with my work hee hee hee…… Enjoy

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