Conor Harrington

22 Jun Mindfuck


Absolutely savage tune from hip hop politicos The Coup. I remember reading about these guys about 15 years ago in The Source (back when the magazine was credible and back when it was my only window in a world known as Hip Hop) Anyway, this has no video but press play and enjoy the sounds. Funky as F**k!!

Oh yeah and I will get my Italy photos up soon, promise. Well maybe.

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17 Jun Meltdown 2009 – Baaba Maal

3630764284_c92bf4f04fCaught the mighty Baaba Maal at the South Bank Meltdown festival on Monday night. He put on a cracking show with an ensemble of 4 percussionists, keys, 3 guitarists, 1 bassist and 4 piece brass. Mighty sound. But the biggest sound of all was his voice. Such a sharp shrill roar from a thin frame. Most of his set was upbeat crowd-pleasing fare but the highlight for me was the opening track with just Baaba and an accompanying guitarist. Haunting, sorrowful and triumphant. Then again, maybe I’m just too moody for the party songs. 2 more gigs to go this weekend, can’t wait. Photo courtesy of Ian Duffy’s Flickr.

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13 Jun GQ and Me


Totally late with this post. I’m listed in the June issue of GQ under ’10 artists you should know by now’, yippee. ‘The thinking man’s Street Artist’ – hell yeah – t-shirts coming soon! nah maybe not. Anyway, this issue is no longer in the shops. And the guy on the cover isn’t actually me, although we do have similar facial hair and I do normally have those women draped all over me. Fun times.

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