Conor Harrington

08 Feb Painted Books







Who’s idea was this? Me and my bright ideas. I had guessed that it would take me 2 days to paint the books but of course I never took into account the 2 days setting up and the 2 days taking it all down. The last week has been more stressful than the weeks approaching my show as I underestimated how complicated this could be. paint dripping between the books, the front getting scuffed to death and the paint not drying in time so the back sticks to the dust jacket. Never a dull moment. 
Most books were harmed in the making of this piece.

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05 Feb My Booky Wook




Here she is! Been waiting a long time for this baby. My book has just arrived back from the printers, 550 shining beauties. Many thanks to P for all his patience in designing this book, its been well worth it. 
All copies are available from (haven’t figured out how to add a link in a blog yet. Sorry) with 100 copies about to be hand painted by moi. Stay tuned over the coming days for progress shots.

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16 Jan Weekend Warriors

Ok, so I’ve been a disaster on the whole blog front but I have just about got it together to mention my upcoming show at Lazarides .Weekend Warriors is open from January 25th to february 23rd and will feature 17 new pieces, all of which were started last July and all of which will hopefully be finished on time.
We have also been slaving away on a yummy book which should be ready in time for the show. And shock of the week, there are whispers from the Gods that my print could finally be ready, 8 months after we started the process.

So yeah, this blog thing has been left rather barren as of late. I hereby promise to update the damn thing at least once a week. Tune in next week for shots of the show as well as details of me booky wook and prints.

Bye bye

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21 Nov The Truman Gate RIP

Well I suppose it was inevitable, but I didnt think it would happen so soon. I actually thought he would get dogged that night but because he went untouched for 2 weeks, lowering me into a false sense of security, I thought ‘well maybe they actually like it’. Nah. They were just teasing me.

But tis all part of the process. You make an offering to the Gods of the streets to see what they make of you.

I’ll let it build up over the next few weeks and start again, work back into it and incorporate the new tags and throw ups. And then maybe I’ll hire 24hr security to guard the gates.

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