Conor Harrington


13 Nov new film – OLD NORSE


I was invited to the far reaches of Norway during the summer and I took the opportunity to make my 3rd film with film-maker supremo Andrew Telling. I think this is by far our best film. Pared back and super minimal he really captured the atmosphere of one of the most Northerly and isolated parts of Europe. This is one for the headphones, the music is composed and performed by both Andrew and Lucinda Chua. Watch the film for the music alone, I guarentee it’s worth it.

Big thanks to Pøbel for inviting me to Komafest and also to everyone from Vardø who welcomed us with grace and warmth.



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17 May Madre


‘Madre’, the latest film from my boy Andy Telling is fresh off the editing suite. Soon after following me around the Middle East, Andy hot-footed it to Southern Italy to document Word To Mother’s time at the fantastic Fame Festival.

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26 Nov I Need A Dollar (Euro)


Been back from LA for a few weeks now and I’m holed up in possibly the coldest studio in the world ever ever. In the mean time, shit has hit the fan for Ireland. Here’s a lil song for Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan. Chin up lads.

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09 Oct Hells Half Acre

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this by now, our big Autumn group show is opening in the scary tunnels underneath Waterloo Station in conjunction with the Old Vic Theatre. I have 5 pieces as well as an installation type thing in the show, really looking forward to this one. I’ll get photos up here as soon as its all ready (or as soon as Ian emails them to me).


Also there is a nice lil preview vid up on Bablegum of the set-up, you can peek it here.

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26 Nov Moviestar

The lovely people at babelgum have done a wee video on moi. You can peep it here. Joe came round a few days before my deadline, I was shook. I could hardly string a sentence together so thanks to some serious editing skills, he managed to make me sound ever so slightly coherent. I’ve learnt 3 things from this video. I lost a looooooaaad of weight in that final month before my show, my nose is of considerable size and I speak much different to the way I though I did.

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11 Nov Time For a Giggle


So life is creaking back to normal and I even got myself off the couch to go see some comedy, and none other than Irelands finest Dylan Moran, live at the Apollo on Shaftbury Avenue last night. He was in classic caustic form moaning about just about everything. Its hard to quote from his rant style delivery but my favourite line was about the Italian premier –

‘Berlusconi, every time he smiles another angel gets gonorrhea’

silvio-berlusconi-nu-big-copy                                               uuurrgghh

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15 Sep I’m on the telly

Tim_and_Paul_Smith_mediumNo no, its not the 6th season of The Wire with my much speculated starring role as Jimmy McNulty’s younger cousin over from Ireland to clean up the streets of West Baltimore by, er.. painting them. Its a new series on Sky Arts entitled ‘Tim Marlow Meets’ where Mr Marlow (above left), director of exhibitons at London’s White Cube, meets a number of creative figures to discuss their favourite works of art.

The series includes film director Mike Leigh, American crooner Tony Bennett, funny Python and wonderful wanderer Michael Palin, singer Renee Fleming and British fashion legend Sir Paul Smith. Mr Smith (above right) has bought one of my pieces from Weekend Warriors (below) so hopefully he’ll say something nice.


You can watch a 3 minute clip of the show here  or if you’re old school you can watch it when it goes out on Sky Arts 1 this Thurs at 8.30pm.

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24 Jun FAME 2009 – The Soundtrack


Ok I don’t know how this happened but this tune was in my head the whole time I was in Italy. I think I overheard someone say ‘senza blah blah blah’ and I thought that word sounds familiar. Then this popped into my head – ‘Senza una donna (without a woman)’ and I couldn’t get rid of it dammit. Hey we all need a little cheese from time to time.  But check out the girl in the video, yikes, she was my muse the whole time I was painting.

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