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08 Sep Auction

I did this piece recently for an auction coming up in Dublin, launching next Tues 14th. This is the first auction I’ve participated in so if you fancy the piece, here are the details.

The guys at SCOOP contacted me earlier in the summer as they’re hoping to raise enough money to build a school outside Phnom Penh. Myself and Chloe had been to Cambodia in January and absolutely loved the energy of Phnom Penh and the beauty of the people so when SCOOP’s email popped into my inbox I immediately put aside some time to work on this paper piece.  

Its called ‘Original Gangsta’,  oil and aerosol on card, around 60cm x 90cm (can’t remember the exact measurements) and is being framed in Dublin at the moment. So if you fancy the piece, please please please get yer bid on and help build a school. Hopefully we’ll get back out there again in the not too distant future and paint a few walls or something nice like that.


I’ll get all my photos from the trip up here as soon as I locate the massive memory cards with all me holiday snaps.
In the mean time check out this savage tune from Cambodian/US fusiony type groovy surferish pop band Dengue Fever.

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08 Sep New Studio (well for a while anyway)

So this is me new studio, its only temporary while I work on some massive canvases but I’m thinking of squatting as it has to be the best space in the world to work in (well it will be once I move in my chef and dancing girls).

Ian from Wallkandy came round with his camera to document the space as I get busier and messier. The above shot is of me training for the County, a few weeks back when we still had a chance.

Bustin’ lads

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09 Jul Is maith Liom – Big Boi’s new album


Been listening to this loads since I got it yesterday. Quality. Absolutely banging.

I first heard Outkast when i got their debut Southerplayalisticadillacmusic shortly after it first came out in 94, it was one of those big albums that had a huge effect on me, as back in those days before downloads and the internet and when pocket money meant I could only get a new tape every few months, you tended to listen to every album like a million times.

Can’t believe its been 16 years (yikes) and after an increasingly inventive and successful career Big Boi is back with an even better album and he’s still only 35. It leans heavily towards an 80s synth-funk sound with saucy Southern guitar licks. Nice.

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