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30 Sep Stiletto Homme no 7, avec Paul Smith et moi




A few months back, I think it was May, I was invited down to Paul Smith HQ for a quick photoshoot for French fashion mag Stiletto.  It was the morning after the Outsiders opening at Laz so my stomach wasn’t feeling too proper. Thankfully I kept it together for long enough for Paul to get a decent shot. Anyway, here is the magazine a few months later. All the text is in French so I hope they said something nice. Oui oui..

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20 Sep FAME Exhibition, Grottaglie, Italy

‘Pitbulls in Lipstick’, oil and aerosol on canvas, 107cm x 122cm, 2008.

This is my piece that I had in the FAME Exhibition out in Italy, organized by Studio Cromie. Thanks to Angelo for re-stretching it despite the patches of slightly sticky oils. Yikes. 

‘Pitbulls in Lipstick’, oil and aerosol on canvas, 107cm x 122cm, 2008.


Napoleonic detail…


Some abstract detail..

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27 Aug Cans Festival, part 2

I was asked to paint at the second installment of the Cans Festival. Good fun was had by all on the day, probably something to do with the fumes the filled the tunnel for 2 days.I took a more abstract approach to my piece, focusing more on the formal qualities of the painting as opposed to making a great big obvious image. Quite pleased with the result despite the usual panic and stress that sets in whenever I paint walls.

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15 Aug Oh Really Magazine, issue 4

This is such a nice little magazine. It arrived in my post box a while back but of course I’m too lazy to stay on top of this blog thing. Anyway, I opened the envelop to find a beautiful A5 zine bound with a strip of stained canvas attached to the cover with pieces of masking tape. I wish every magazine looked like this. To find out more take a peak here.

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15 Jul Fame Festival, Grottaglie, Italy.

Also deleted by my internet gremlins was my post about my 10 days spent in the south of Italy painting with the lovely people at Studio Cromie. Many thanks to Angelo and his family for making us all feel so welcome and for sending us back to London with much bigger bellies.


Spent 2 days painting in this old abandoned monastery outside the town. The lads dropped me off each morning with a gallon of water and monstrous paninis to keep me going. Its amazing how an abandoned building can make so much noise. I swear I wasn’t scared. But apart from the Italian ghosts taking an immediate dislike to me, this was by far the best location I have ever painted in.


Managed to squeeze in a piece on the wall of Studio Cromie HQ.


Grottaglie is a town with a very strong ceramic tradition going back centuries. I gave it a go. Might be best to stick to painting.


I swear these guys are the Mafia.



No trip to Italy would be complete without food. This outdoor oven is where The Goodness is made.

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