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26 Apr DEAD MEAT – Photoshoot

I organized a photo-shoot in my studio about a year ago for fresh source material for the show. I hadn’t done anything like this before so it was quite an experience. Coordinating people and generally being the boss isn’t my thing but we got there in the end.

The time period in the shoot is a bit mixed up but most of it is mid 18th Century. The flags are contemporary, suggesting the turmoil in the European economy in the last year or so. The whole shoot is quite decadent and I won’t bore you with the conceptual details but I’m getting ideas together for the next shoot at the moment. Massive thanks to Chloe for keeping my shit together on the day and of course photographer Eoghan Brennan and his beautiful assistant Charles.

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22 Apr New Dublin Walls

Instead of nursing the butterflies during Offset, I thought it would be a good idea to get out and paint a couple of walls. I’ve been enjoying my quick pieces lately, so I painted the duelist above in Temple Bar. The next day I got up at 6 to paint a quick piece in Inchicore, thought it best to paint while everyone was still in bed.

Painting in places like Inchicore is important. I’m always complaining about the concentration of street art in ‘trendy/hip’ parts of cities (I’m guilty of this too), and if street art is really supposed to be for the people then why is it so rarely found outside of the hipster enclaves. Anyway, Inchicore is a part of Dublin that’s suffering from a lack of love and care. I believe funding ran out for the redevelopment of the area. Obviously my piece isn’t going to change that but I felt a little colour can do no wrong amongst all the grey. The text ‘Tales From The Promised Land’ was already on the wall, I think it was part of a community art project, but a fire had been lighten in the corner so that part was blacked out, the perfect spot for a bit of colour. A special thanks to my 3 henchmen for standing guard

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22 Apr Offset 2012

A week after my show I headed to Dublin to speak at this years Offset. Super weekend, great speakers and I was a mess with the nerves before my talk but it all went grand in the end (as soon as I realized they were serving Murphys at the bar, everything started to go rather nicely). I robbed these photos from We Occupy and Creative Inspiration. A special mega thanks to Richard, Bren and Peter from Offset for having me over and putting on such a top class event.

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22 Apr Press Shizzle



Woah, been ages since I updated this. So much to say, too lazy to say it. I’ll start with a couple of magazines that ran me on the front cover last month, 2 different types of art magazines but I guess you could say each one reflects a strand of my work. First up Irish Arts Review, a mag focusing on broad range of Irish art (above photo courtesy of Will St Leger) . And then of course graffiti and street art specialist VNA, a favourite of mine for a long time. Cover shoot thanks to Shamil Tanna.


And finally here’s a nice vid from film-maker Joao Retorta that we did during the shoot.

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13 Feb Black Herds of the Rain

Last summer I went home to Ireland with filmmaker Andrew Telling to make our second film together since we went to the Middle East to make Crossing Lines.

The cowboy mentality is common in Ireland. It might be because we’re on the Wild West of Europe, I’m not sure really, but we also have a strange fascination with American Country and Western music. It would also appear that our politicians and bankers were in cahoots with each other, got carried away at the party of a lifetime during the Celtic Tiger years and rode the country to near ruin (of course the people of Ireland were at the party too but I’ll leave them out of it). This film is dedicated to them.

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10 Jan Dead Meat / The Last Supper

Here’s a super quick-ass piece I did on Sunday. By far the quickest piece I’ve ever done, infact if I was organized enough I could do one of these on my lunchbreak everyday. But I’m far too much of a hungry man to waste valuable eating time. The piece is part of an exciting film project I’m involved in, and its also an image from my upcoming show at Lazarides in March. More details soon.

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03 Jan Stephen Lawrence


Haven’t heard this tune in years but searched it out a few minutes ago after hearing the verdict in the Stephen Lawrence case. I can’t remember how much the story made it through to my 13 year old self at the time of the murder but this track by Life MC from Phi Life Cypher certainly did when I bought it on vinyl a few years later.

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