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05 Nov Chloe Early – Clouded Apollo @ Stolenspace


Getting ready to head down to Chloe’s show at Stolenspace. Been so slack on the blog so I thought I’d whack this up real quick. The show is stunning, her strongest work to date. I’ll post up all her pieces over the next few days along with my own. I think I’ve totally crashed since the show, barely getting my ass in gear. Anyway, back in the studio on Monday, can’t wait really. Cool cool cool, back in a day or so with all the pix.

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15 Oct Choons


Absolute killer tune from Ken Booth, ooooh it brings me way back to the Bad Bellyman on Cork’s Radio Friendly. We used to tape his reggae show and play it all week, this is one that used up all my walkman batteries from rewinding all the time. Check the Version too, dubwise selection without objection! Quality.


Another tune keeping me awake in the studio is this mental live cut from Birdy Nam Nam, the french 4 man scratch and electronica crew. Hard to believe its 7 years old at this stage.

this_is_england_04_1270x833_300dpiIn other news, I’ve been having crazy dreams lately. One involved my upcoming show at Laz. All the pieces were in the gallery but I was still working on them a few nights before the opening. This dude from Shane Meadow’s fantastic This Is England kept breaking into the gallery and tagging all over my paintings.

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03 Oct Sleepy

connorOh I’ve been slack on the ol posts lately, apologies. Days and nights have become one as my show approaches but Lucy sent me this lovely photo this morning of my tower that a friend of hers took while out at the Fame opening a few weeks back. It looks like its been picked up and planted somewhere magical. I’ll be back.

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Hudson Mohawke, purveyor of many a monstrous bliptastic onslaught of sound. I put this on whenever my energy levels start sinking and coffee isn’t enough (happening a lot lately). Works every time. Play at loud volume.

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15 Sep I’m on the telly

Tim_and_Paul_Smith_mediumNo no, its not the 6th season of The Wire with my much speculated starring role as Jimmy McNulty’s younger cousin over from Ireland to clean up the streets of West Baltimore by, er.. painting them. Its a new series on Sky Arts entitled ‘Tim Marlow Meets’ where Mr Marlow (above left), director of exhibitons at London’s White Cube, meets a number of creative figures to discuss their favourite works of art.

The series includes film director Mike Leigh, American crooner Tony Bennett, funny Python and wonderful wanderer Michael Palin, singer Renee Fleming and British fashion legend Sir Paul Smith. Mr Smith (above right) has bought one of my pieces from Weekend Warriors (below) so hopefully he’ll say something nice.


You can watch a 3 minute clip of the show here  or if you’re old school you can watch it when it goes out on Sky Arts 1 this Thurs at 8.30pm.

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02 Sep New Show

IMG_4713 WK Copy


IMG_4718 WK Copy


IMG_4725 WK Copy

Ian from Wallkandy came round on Saturday to take a few shots of my studio as my next show gains momentum. It opens in the new Laz space on Rathbone Place Oct 30th. I follow the Mighty Micallef, Yikes.

So anyway, Ian came round with his big bag of lenses and interrupted my shamen-like painting trance. But he did take some nice shots thanks be to Jaysus. The pix above are of the maquette of the gallery space that I painstakingly threw together with a bit of card and some tape. The black shapes represent the pieces that I’m working on. They won’t be black when they’re finished, hopefully.

All pix bellow are sexy teaser shots of some of the works in progress. Can you see what it is yet?







IMG_4637 WK Copy


IMG_4642 WK Copy


IMG_4645 WK Copy


IMG_4683 WK Copy


IMG_4692 WK Copy

 IMG_4698 WK Copy


IMG_4750 WK Copy


IMG_4567-CR WK Copy

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19 Aug Headless Heroes






You may have noticed its been ages since I’ve put up any new work on my blog. I’ve been up the walls trying to get on top of my next show at Laz, it opens Oct 31st, which seems like ages away but is nothing in painting-time. So nothing is being finished at the moment, everything is suspended in an awkward unfinished limbo. So I decided to send this drawing into Laz. Its always good to  complete something, no matter how small, when everything else looks like they’ll never get done.

There’s some new imagery in this one, mainly boobies, or should I say a boob, which is always nice. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Desperate Romantics on BBC2. The show is fairly shit lets be honest but I always love how the media portrays artists, with their cliched temperament and feverish approach to painting. The show is packed full of screaming drunken artists. And boobies. Very entertaining.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Laz said the drawing was A5 in the press release, its actually 4 times the size at A3.

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18 Aug Beautiful Losers


Finally got down to London’s ICA last night to see Beautiful Losers, the seminal art documentary from director Aaron Rose. Its running for another week so if you haven’t seen it yet now’s yer chance. Plus, the bar in the ICA have a fairly sweet offer – any burger and a pint for £7.50 if you produce your cinema ticket… everyone’s a winner! (unless you’re a beautiful loser).

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