Conor Harrington

19 Oct Achtung Baby

Just as the bold and the beautiful of the art glitteratti descended on London for the annual Frieze circus, I took Chloe away to Berlin as a surprise for too nights (what a guy). It was her birthday so she got to follow me around cold and wet Berlin while I took photos of graf.

We stumbled across this fantastic Mac and Kofie collab piece up by Prenzlaur Berg. I’d seen it online when it was done during the summer but nothing beats seeing the real thing especially when you’re not expecting it.

These Blu pieces were down the road from our hotel. East Berlin was made for Blu.

And we also popped in to catch Jaybo‘s new show at Circle Culture.

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12 Oct The Holy Smoke Quintet

These are the 5 pieces I did for Hell’s Half Acre. Our general brief was Dante’s Divine Comedy. We could take from it what we wanted. Given its strong Catholic tone I was quite keen to look at Christianity’s relationship with Islam. I was in Bethlehem and Jerusalem earlier this year and it looks like the Middle East/US/West/Terrorism/Gihad  saga is going to go on for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever so i thought this was the right time to stick my oar in (I might just have solved everything. Through oil paint. Go me). I’ve also been reading up a little on the Crusades, so these paintings are something to do with them.

Also, The Crusades were cooked up by Pope Urban II. I have been called an ‘urban’ artist, so really it was a no-brainer.

Anyway, there are 9 circles in Dante’s vision of hell, each one for various naughty deeds. The 7th Circle is for Violence but the Crusaders would have had to do a fair bit of that, so there you go, a contradiction in the church, who’d a thought. But the figures in these paintings aren’t Crusaders, they’re from a few century’s later. The Knights Hospitaller were a religious military order, originally set up to defend The Holy Land from the Muslims and later became known as the Knights of Malta to do the same job with the invading Ottomans in the 16th Century.

There’s also been a touch of Avarice (greed – 4th Circle) involved in the church over the years, hence my Golden Armada.

I called the series The Holy Smoke Quintet as a light-hearted counter to all the heavy religious business. Sounds like a jazz band. Its also a reference to the Middle East Quartet, a consortium involving the UN, Europe, US and Russia. I think they’re supposed to sort everything out.

The show opened last night and is running for the week. All the allocated time slots are full but keep an eye on the site for more details as its definitely worth coming down to see.

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12 Oct 60×1 (choo choo!)


Reeeeally nice vid here from my boy JJ in Japan. He’s a Cork exile, stationed in the far reaches of the globe to see if there really is life outside of Cork (there isn’t). We used to spend a lot of time together in the pub. Now he lives in Japan and isn’t allowed to drink so he spends all his time on trains by the looks of things.

The music is done by my boy Rory who’s rather good at this sort of thing. He goes under The Chuckle Demographic. I’ve painted Rory before, should dig those flix out. Rory’s in another band called Freezerroom with my friend Graham. I’ve painted Graham loads too.

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09 Oct Hells Half Acre

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this by now, our big Autumn group show is opening in the scary tunnels underneath Waterloo Station in conjunction with the Old Vic Theatre. I have 5 pieces as well as an installation type thing in the show, really looking forward to this one. I’ll get photos up here as soon as its all ready (or as soon as Ian emails them to me).


Also there is a nice lil preview vid up on Bablegum of the set-up, you can peek it here.

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