Conor Harrington

15 May Lazarides, Rathbone Place.


‘The City That I’m Claiming’, oil and aerosol on canvas, 183cm x 122cm, 2009.


The new Lazarides space opened last night with a bang. Theres still a bang going on in my head. The space is gorgeous, as is the work. The inaugural group show entitled Grow Up features plenty of new pieces from Antony Micallef,  Alex Farto, JR, Johnny Yeo, David Choe and Charlie Isoe amongst others. I’ve my next solo show there in November and I can’t wait. Those walls are huge.

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06 May The Wall That Nearly Killed Me.

w6The finished wall…

w8Detail 1

w7Detail 2

The wall that nearly killed me. I love a bit of mellow-drama. After arriving in LA I suffered an asthma attack. I didn’t have my inhaler with me so i had to grab a super ridiculous over the counter lung buster, the type of thing you could only ever get in America (I later found out it had adrenalin in it).  Anyway, I didn’t want to tackle a massive wall coz my lungs were knackered and it was really hot too and it being my first time in LA I just wanted to go star hunting. So I did decide to paint the side of the gallery wall, figured at least it would stay for a while before someone bombed over it. But damn it was hot. Too hot for my Irish skin. In 2004 I painted in Soweto and that was the hottest condition I’ve ever painted in but this was worse for some reason. The wall was all lumpy, it didn’t like the paint. Blah blah blah, excuses excuses, it was a pain but I got there in the end. Even if I did vow to blank it all out a million times. Here are the progress shots –





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06 May Chasing Castles – Prints

853Kinsey had been bigging-up his new print technique for a while. As usual with me and prints it all went in one ear and out the other but when he came back from many hours finalizing the prints a few days before our show opened I was bowled back by the detail. It really looks like a miniature painting. I kept asking him how he did it but we wouldn’t tell me, just kept saying ‘magic’.

pco14 colour screenprint on 100% cotton rag. 58.4cm x 49.5cm. Edition of 100.

852Chloe’s print is equally stunning, you can even tell where some areas of the original painting had a more gloss finish.

pc24 colour screenprint on 100% cotton rag. 61cm x 45.7cm. Available here

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