Conor Harrington

07 Mar Painted Print


I’ve spent the last few days painting 25 prints. I’ve never been fully convinced by prints, especially large editions when the artist has little or no imput in the actual print process. To reconcile my guilt, I’ve worked on top of these prints with oil and aerosol and I think they are all the better for it. Perhaps I should keep this as a print rule in future. I’ll post up all 25 once they’re good to go..

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05 Mar Print – The Carnival Goes On

And finally, my print is ready. This has been such a long time coming, hence the older image chosen. I started work on this print last April, at the time I had been working on the Roman Empire as subject. Alas, things always take a bloody age with me so here it is 10 months later. I know it doesnt fit completely with my Weekend Warriors work, but thats only in costume. The idea and execution is there, and there are rumours on the battlefield that a Napoleonic print is on the march. So here she is, my 8 colour Roman screenprint, the original empire and the biggest carnival of em all.





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